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Top Tips for Beating Travel Boredom for Kids

Travelling with kids can be stressful especially on long car or plane trips. Their active little bodies are forced to sit down for hours and they are not allowed to do this and that. Travel boredom for kids can become a serious problem and turn into the much-dreaded screams. Boredom itself is not a bad […]

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Ideas for businesses entertaining kids

Busy Nippers was born out of this need to find a convenient and easy way for kids to stay entertained when in a social setting. Not only did we see parents frustrated while out to dinner with their children, we were those parents! So we set about thinking of the best ways Busy Nippers could […]

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Eating out and entertaining kids

Eating out and entertaining kids There is nothing that brings a family together like a shared meal. Going out as a family is one of life’s little pleasures. However as business owners, we all know that for parents, entertaining kids while out can be one of their greatest challenges. With a raft of businesses recognising […]

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