Character Combat

Premium Children’s Activity Packs

Bringing to life everyone’s favourite Busy Nippers characters, Character Combat has been exclusively created for Busy Nippers customers—to help you attract loyal customers, increase sales and grow your business.

Driving loyalty to your brand, this exciting collectible card game will help you to:

  • Improve customer retention
  • Boost revenue, increase sales and grow your business
  • Increase repeat business/customer visit rates
  • Improve customer satisfaction and appreciation
  • Differentiate your business

Kids love to collect!

Designed to capture children’s imaginations and love for collecting, 2 Character Combat cards will be found on the back cover of our new convenient premium children’s activity packs. They will be introduced inside Busy Nippers activity bags, boxes, pads, pillow packs, munch pack and pencil cases—reaching millions of children across Australia through our valued customer network.

COLLECTORSClick here to visit our eBay store to purchase your very own display album and premium booster packs!

Download our game instructions here and our first series card index here.

Available Now! across our product range.

  • Over 50 trading cards to collect, featuring kids’ favourite Busy Nippers characters
  • 2 cards in each Busy Nippers pack
  • Action-packed ‘Character Combat’ card game
  • Suitable for all kids 3-10 years
  • Limited edition cards distributed through our seasonal Easter and Christmas packs
  • Rare and ultra-rare foil stamped cards
  • Display folder available for your customers to purchase directly via our dedicated Busy Nippers eBay store. Or why not stock and sell these at your establishment? Ask us how.
  • Integrated across all Busy Nippers packs
  • National marketing campaign to drive demand

Boost your sales!

Booster packs of high quality, premium cards are available for you to sell, giveaway or offer as an incentive. Our booster packs are the perfect tool for up selling. Why not offer 1 or 2 free packs with every $50 spent in your bistro, café or restaurant!

NEW booklet format


Kids simply pop out each card from the back of each activity booklet. No loose pages, just one compact, convenient booklet for kids to enjoy and take home. For our customers in the hospitality trade, one compact booklet means fast, hassle-free table setting and clearing.