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Kids & Toddler Activity Kits
Enjoyable experiences, for all your customers.

We all know that sometimes, little customers can be a little noisy and sometimes, they can unknowingly disrupt other customers from enjoying your venue. We’re here to help change that.

We can help you create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for every customer who walks through your doors—kids included. Capture their attention and imaginations with our bright, colourful and engaging activity packs. They’ll make your little customers feel special and provide up to 1.5 hours of activity time.

“Recently we have been holidaying in QLD and have been given out the activity bags at the Surf clubs. The bags are FANTASTIC! They have kept our 5 and 3 year olds really entertained whilst we relaxed and dined. Thank you for saving our day!” Leanne NSW

Some bright ideas for your business!

  • Colouring in kids’ corner. Our pencil cases and activity pads provide all you need to set up your own kids’ colouring in corner. Or offer them directly to customers free of charge, or at an affordable price.
  • Bundle with kids’ meals. Attract families for lunch or dinner by bundling our activity packs with your kids’ meals. Give families another great reason to choose your bistro over others. It’s simple, cost effective and proven to work.
  • Celebrate with a little extra. Our packs are a perfect add-on to function packages. From weddings to birthday celebrations, provide as an extra service to make your next function a great success!

And don’t forget our exciting new Character Combat Collectible Card program. Our first edition series will be introduced inside every Busy Nippers activity bag, box, pad and pencil case this year, designed exclusively to help you attract new and repeat business – and drive loyalty to your club. With supporting point of sale, our Character Combat booster packs of 10 high quality cards are the perfect tool for up selling. Why not offer 1 or 2 free packs with every $50 spent in your bistro, cafe or restaurant!