Health Services

Activity Packs for Children

Just what the doctor ordered!

Hospitals, waiting rooms and medical practices can be a little daunting for kids. Whether they’re simply visiting or in need of help themselves, waiting quietly and patiently is not always that easy.

That’s where we come in. Busy Nippers Activity Packs for Children are an excellent alternative to toys and books in hospitals and medical facilities. Our packs are also specifically designed to be taken home, so there’s no need to worry about cross contamination or infection control—giving you and your customers’ peace of mind.

Some bright ideas for your business!

  • Brave bags. Reward your very brave little customers with our brave bags. Perfect to help them and their parents leave your practice or facility with a smile on their face!
  • No germs, no fuss. Our packs are made to be taken home. So there’s no germs or fuss from cross contamination to worry about.
  • Kids’ prescriptions. Some of our clients in the retail pharmacy industry offer our packs free of charge with any children’s prescription. What a great service initiative to show customers how important they are.
  • Customise to educate. Provide your little customers with an educational tool by customising a pack that engages your patients with a healthy message.
  • Support the community. Consider Busy Nippers packs for your next fundraiser, donating proceeds from the sale of each pack to the charity of your choice.
  • Great for grandkids! Kids love using our activity packs with their nans and grandads. We’ve received wonderful feedback from clients who have introduced our packs for kids visiting their aged care facilities and communities.