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Restaurant Kids Activity Packs

Stay, just a little bit longer…There’s nothing that brings a family together like a shared meal. Going out as a family, or simply enjoying a coffee with friends, are two of life’s pleasures. But helping the kids sit happily and quietly is not always easy. We can help with our Restaurant Kids Activity Packs!

Every ten seconds in Australia, our clients see another family stay a little longer and spend a little more thanks to Busy Nippers activity packs. We’re here to help your customers enjoy more quality time in your restaurant or café—and that means time for one more cup of coffee, or maybe dessert after dinner!

Some bright ideas for your business!

  • Places please. Our customised place mats are an excellent way to get kids engaged as soon as they sit down. Got a family booking? Why not set up the kids places ready to go!
  • Add-on to early bird specials. Make your early bird specials even more enticing for family customers by offering our packs as a free gift!
  • Bundle with kids’ meals. Give your customers another reason to choose your venue over others. Why not bundle with a kid’s meal. It’s simple, cost effective and proven to work.
  • Keep your customers coming back. Our range of collectable stickers will do just that! They’re a great way to encourage repeat family business and loyalty.

Our activity packs are designed to help kids stay entertained, engaged and excited, to encourage all of your customers to relax more, stay longer and come back more often.

“Whilst the kids drew and played with the stickers I was able to relax and spend quality catch up time with my friends. We thought it was a wonderful gesture….to provide the activity packs and the vibe was definitely kid friendly. I’ll definitely be recommending it to others as a place to meet with the kids.” Jenny Lampard

And here’s another reason to keep your customers coming back for more!

It’s our exciting new Character Combat Collectible Card program. Our first edition series will be introduced inside every Busy Nippers activity bag, box, pad and pencil case this year, designed by us to help you attract new and repeat business – and drive loyalty to your establishment. With supporting point of sale, our Character Combat booster packs of 10 high quality cards are the perfect tool for up selling. Why not offer 1 or 2 free packs with every $50 spent in your cafe or restaurant?

4 free cards can be found inside every pack on the back of our new activity booklets. Cafe and restaurant staff love our new booklet format as it means no loose pages for fast, hassle-free table setting and clearing!