Travel & Transport

Kids Activity Bags

Never hear ‘are we there yet?’ again!

Whether it’s by car, bus, train or plane, travelling with kids can be challenging at times—especially on long journeys.

Make the trip a pleasant one for all of your customers by keeping your littlest clients entertained with Busy Nippers Kids Activity Bags and Packs. Our packs are perfect for travel—you can easily use them in confined spaces, there’s no noise disrupting other customers like electronic games and no need for charging batteries! Our packs are stocked with everything you need, so just hand them out and they’re ready to go.

Give your customers a positive and relaxing experience and you’ll encourage repeat business. Our kids’ activity packs are the perfect solution to do just that!

Some bright ideas for your business!

  • Add on to children’s tickets. Keep your littlest customers entertained by offering our activity packs as an automatic add-on to all children fares.
  • Let travellers know! It might seem simple, but letting your customers know that you cater for families with our activity packs can be an important factor in their decision to choose your service over another.
  • Pit stop life saver. Is your business situated along a popular travel route? Why not sell our activity packs for families continuing on their journey—no matter how far they have to go, we know they’ll appreciate it.
  • Don’t let delays turn to disasters. Travel delays and disruptions don’t have to turn into disasters. Keep our activity packs on hand to keep young travellers occupied while they wait.
  • Retail, stock and sell. Why not use our barcoded packs and add your own purchase price to boost trading profits. We have recently introduced barcodes on all of our activity boxes and pads.