Packed with fun activities that engage and challenge

While all of our packs have their own unique activities and designs, there are some things you’ll always find in every single Busy Nippers pack.

  • 100% recycled paper
  • Colourful stickers
  • 2 Character Combat – Collectible Cards
  • 2 Finger Puppets
  • Easy, reusable sticker scene
  • Themed drawing and puzzle sheets
  • Non-toxic crayons (4 per pack)

From monster trucks to mermaids, all of the items within our packs are individually themed to reflect the pack they’re included in. Except for our crayons which are the same in every pack!

Across our diverse range, you may also find:

  • Collectible Cards
  • Finger Puppets
  • Activity booklets range from 12 pages , 24 pages up to 32 pages
  • Age appropriate activities
  • Reusable Sticker Scenes and Bright Colourful Stickers

Bar-coded boxes, pads and pillow packs for retail integration

Did you know our popular activity boxes pillow packs and pads now include bar codes, making them easier to integrate into your day-to-day retail processes, add a nominal price and boost your revenue.

Our products are safe for kids and the environment

To ensure the safety of our children, all of our products adhere to Australian, USA and New Zealand standards including our non-toxic crayons. We care for the environment and use 100% recycled paper.

An awesome new collectible card game to play!

Rolled out across all of our packs, 2 Character Combat – Collectible Cards can be found in every one of our packs. Kids simply pop out each card from the back of our new activity booklet to start playing Australia’s latest collectible card game. Every character has its own unique story and power level.